About Us eLad

About Us

What is eLAD?
eLAD is a cloud service that provides digital distribution of various academic documents; course packets, lab manuals, custom textbooks, etc. We provide a virtual, centralized platform for universities and book stores to produce a safe and secure digital version of their educational materials. eLAD is quickly becoming the preferred means of keeping the academic community up-to-date with cloud-based, green technology.

Why use eLAD?
eLAD provides students, universities, and professors with a less costly and environmentally-friendly option for distributing academic materials. We make our platform available to universities and book stores to host and sell academic materials in a safe and simple manner. With eLAD, professors and students are able to choose the delivery option (digital, paper, or a combination of both) that best fits their study habits and classroom needs. Our service not only supplies choice to the academic community, but also helps keep book stores competitive, profitable, and progressive.